Our Vision and Mission

To provide effective and relevant education programmes, chiefly in Mathematics and Physical Science, to create maximum impact on teaching and learning.

Providing development opportunities at Vula

Providing Development Opportunities and Educational Support

Providing Development Opportunities and Educational Support

Vula Lodges

The Vula Programme has its own on-campus accommodation facility at Hilton College.

Vula Lodge 1 Entrance
Vula at Hilton College

Vula Funding

The Vula Programme relies on donor funding to cover its annual operational costs.


I must commend you for the sterling work that is being done to share your knowledge, expertise and facilities with those who are less privileged. I thank you most sincerely for giving our children the greatest gift of all, namely the gift of education.

KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Education, 2008

Your role in capacitating both the subject advisors and teachers has been highly appreciated. We have no doubt that the improvement of Maths in the province at Grade 12 level is the culmination of concerted efforts of many stakeholders of which the Vula Programme is one.

Senior official, KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education

Presently we observe a growing number of schools that achieve pass rates of 95% and more in mathematics, more teachers that use technology to enhance their lessons and more learners that prefer mathematics over other subjects. Such are the achievements of VUMA.

Retired subject advisor, KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education

We have seen our laboratory serving its fundamental objective this year. We have seen our Science educators attending practical science experiments and benefitting a lot. This intervention has created a lot of interest in Science.

Science HOD, township school

We thank the Vula Programme for adopting us as one of the schools in need of assistance, particularly in Science, so that our learners can excel in this subject. The support you provided in terms of physical science laboratory equipment has made a difference to our learners and teachers. We were also grateful to receive the donation of books for the Grade 12s.

Physical Science teacher,

Umgungundlovu district

The sponsorship that you have provided for me really helped me in improving my marks and most especially in my Science and Mathematics marks, improving from 60% to 80% and 90%

Grade 12 learner, rural school, Umgungundlovu district